5 StoryTelling AI tools: to improve your bottom line

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5 ai tools to improve your bottom line

Did you know, when stories are used to communicate a message,
people remember them 22x more than facts or figures alone?

Stories close more deals than any other type of marketing.

Stories are beneficial for all parts of your business: to communicate and connect with customers, colleagues, employees, partners, suppliers, and the media. Use them to:
  • build the 'know, like and trust factor'
  • inspire action
  • sell more products
  • change 'brand' opinions
  • inspire new goals
  • explain how something changed for the better
  • distinguish you from your competitors

Business stories differ from personal stories, because you tell them with an objective, goal, or desired outcome in mind, as opposed to pure entertainment. This doesn't mean they should be dull (please don't do that). To be memorable, you want to tell inspiring, fun, and unusual stories.

The following five AI tools can help your bottom line by:
  1. Telling better, even riveting stories
  2. Marketing and promoting your business with engaging content
  3. Writing more absorbing posts for your social media
  4. Keeping the $1K-$15K/month a PR firm charges, in your own pocket


AI Storytelling tool: Tome

 Tome calls itself: the world's first generative storytelling format to truly harness the power of artificial intelligence — enabling anyone to tell a compelling story. Use it to craft and hone your business narrative through every stage of the storytelling process. Tome's powerful suite of tools gives you limitless possibilities to express your work and ideas.

Tome is designed to help anyone tell compelling stories—whether you’re leading a large company, starting a solo business, or creating something for yourself.
 COST: 💰Free for individuals includes 500 AI credits 
$8/pp. month for unlimited AI credits and no Tome branding
note: AI credits are used for: narrative generation, image generation, text editing

Top features:
  • Templates to kickstart your story
  • Generate content in other languages such as: Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, German, and more languages coming soon.
  • Good for educators
  • Generate narratives with a prompt and generate a presentation, outline, or story —complete with text and images.
  • Turn documents into presentations: Paste entire documents into Tome and convert them into structured narratives in a single click.
  • Find the right words: Fine-tune your copy using AI to rewrite text, adjust tone, and reduce or extend length.

Here's an example:



AI Storytelling tool: Rytr

This AI tool is used by over 6.5 Million businesses including Ford, Dell, Adidas, Ikea and more for:
Blog writing
Social mediaAds
Creative writing
Magic command
Text editing

COST: 💰Free to generate 10k characters/month
$9/month 100K characters
$29/month unlimited characters

Top features:
  • Use-case AI assistant (you'll LOVE this feature)
  • You specify the content parameters: genre, style, length,language, tone, etc.
  • Generate multiple versions to pick the story you like best
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Downloadable Chrome extension
  • All levels include access to live chat

Here's an example:



AI Storytelling tool:
Jasper AI

Jasper is an AI-generated story maker with a focus on helping businesses. It uses a neural network and natural language processing to come up with interesting ideas and storylines and help you write compelling stories. It is constantly learning from the 100K businesses that use it, from Sports Illustrated to Anthropologie.

COST: 💰Free 7 day trial
$39-$99/month billed yearly for 1-3 users.

Top features:

  • Brand 'voice' to set rules/formatting for a style that sounds like you
  • Plot generator, character development tools, and an idea bank
  • Over 50 writing templates, like Creative Story – perfect for storytelling
  • Uses today's news and will cite info source with back-links
  • Writes in over 30+ languages
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Create art in high resolution for ads, thumbnails, illustrations
  • Help docs & tutorials
This shows ways to use it for your business:


AI Storytelling tool:

Sudowrite is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to elevate your storytelling. You provide a text prompt to generate ideas, characters, and plot-lines, and Sudowrite can help you refine your writing by providing alternative phrasings, synonyms, and sentence structures.

COST: 💰Free to start using Google, Facebook or email
$10/month for 30K words, $20/month for 90K words, $100/month for 300K words.

Top features:

  • Advanced AI engine for story generation
  • Real-time suggestions for plot, characters, and dialogues
  • User-friendly interface and experience
  • Easy integration with popular writing software
  • Alternative phrasings, synonyms, and sentence structures
  • Recognizes and suggests improvements for clichés and overused expressions
This is an example


AI Storytelling tool:
My Story Elf

This AI is best for telling simple stories (as if you're explaining to a 5 year old) -which is great for marketing! MyStoryElf uses AI to generate stories and illustrations that you can customize. I think the best way to use it is to copy/paste their story to a text file then generate a detailed story in ChatGPT. 

COST: 💰Free for 5 stories/month/2 image styles.
$4.97/month up to 30 stories/8 image styles.

Top features of My Story Elf:
  •  AI engine generates simple to understand stories & illustrations
  • Content at a 5 year old level - great for marketing
  • Friendly and easy user interface
  • You can only sign up through your Google account
  • You can only save stories to their Library - not your computer
  • Your stories are saved to the library with your name on it
  • Anyone on MyStoryElf can see and read your story in the Library

Here's an example of someone's Etsy story:
Click to read ↴

The story cover will look something like this
in the pixel style: ↴ (you can read the 'story' on MyStoryElf)

Your story will be saved to MyStoryElf's library for everyone to see and read ↴

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