Top NFT+AI News Websites

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Top NFT+AI News Websites

In the past few years, NFTs + AI have become a viable medium option for artists and creators. From art to text to music to video, each one can be turned into a digital asset/collectible NFT.

To keep up with the ever changing NFT and AI landscape, however, can be a challenge. To start, you want a basic understanding of cryptocurrency, the blockchain, digital wallets, and NFTs.

Once you understand why and how they work together, you can create, buy and sell your own NFTs with confidence. I cover that information in my NFT course.


The best reasons to know the top NFT and AI news websites are:
  • Stay informed and gain insights
  • Keep up to date on both industries.
  • Contact to promote/market your own NFT collection

Each website is linked below  ↴



  • NFT Plazas

    Founded in 2018, NFT Plazas is the number one news site dedicated to growing the NFT and Metaverse space. Creating daily NFT news and events for the NFT-crazy audience is at the core of what they do.

  • NFT Culture

    The Latest NFT News, Trends, and more. Highlighting the latest advancements in the NFT ecosystem, they highlight art, artists, the marketplace and trends on a daily basis.  

  • NFT Now
    simplifies NFT news into actionable insights every week and is on a mission to redefine how creators and their communities share in the value they create.

    Covers projects and artists at all stages of their career on the NFT Radar. NFT news and reviews.

  • NFTs Street
    Conversations about the latest hype of non-fungible tokens, digital art and more. Their goal is to embrace non-fungible tokens and the art culture that revolves around it; we aim to connect and educate our users with the latest trends in nft, nft art, crypto games, crypto-currency, blockchain, blockchain technology and much much more.

  • The NFT Magazine
    The first Monthly NFT Magazine to be read and collected on Ethereum since 2021. Discover the biggest players in the Crypto world, market trends, rankings, and expert advice, with NFT covers featuring the best international Crypto Artists.

  • NFTgators 

    Your daily dose of  industry and NFT news.

  • WGMI Media

    WGMI Media covers AI and NFT analysis, insights and research tools required to survive and thrive in Web3. Keep up to date with the biggest money making opportunities in the AI and NFT space and NFT Content.

  • NFT Evening
    All the latest NFT and metaverse news fast, including; music, blockchain gaming, NFT avatars and collectibles, fashion, sports and more. A leading NFT-focused website, reaching 1.2M views monthly.

  • CoinmarketCap
    Since its launch in 2013, CoinMarketCap has become one of the most powerful websites in the cryptocurrency space, being one of the most visited sites in the industry and a premier source of cryptocurrency market data.


➤ Conclusion:

To target your specific NFT or AI interests, DYOR (do your own research) to learn more about your specific area. The news list above will get you started.

If you have a question or comment send me a note:
help @ zazoome . com

Thanks for reading!

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